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Updated pages: Framing, Bomb shelter

So now the stairs are out and the floor is covered. Check out the framing pages. Also I added some updates to the bomb shelter. Actually I moved the office down there after removing the stairs. Time to start putting in the new floor. Now I just have to decide if I want to put the radiant heat under the sub floor or on top.


Updated pages: Framing,

So much for  trying to update the site every month.. Well it has been a busy summer and we were out of town most of the time so not much has been done. However before we left for the month of July for me to work in Maine, we did complete a few projects. Check out the new stairs to the basement and the new skylights. After we returned from vacation in Oregon in August I did get the new ceiling fans installed. I have started clearing out under the kitchen to get ready to remove the old stairs.


Updated pages: Painting, Framing, Misc, Mechanical room, Electrical

I finally got some time to update the website. Last fall we installed a new boiler and added all of the heating zones and prepped for the reinstallation of the hot tub. Check it out on the mechanical room page and the hot tub on the Misc page.

I did have a chance this winter to update the service panel. check out the difference on the electrical page, I think this one is a little safer

The progress has been slow with me traveling to Texas all winter but this we have gotten the drywall completed and we started painting. Check out the new colors on the painting page.

We have also installed the new stairs. See the stairs on the framing page. We have ordered a new service door for the garage and the new sky lights. I will post photos after we get them in sometime next week. I hope to now update the page at least once a month however I am in Maine for the month  of July  so not much will get done.

Until next time....Mark










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