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The Bomb shelter Photos


Now that the stairs are gone I can move my office to the basement.


12/12/2008 I got a new oven and got it installed just in time to make cookies for Christmas. Such a good deal from Recycle north for only $150


Winter 2008

Nothing like baking valentines cookies and squash on the grill


In October 2007' we moved the kitchen from the back yard to the basement, we refer to it as the bomb shelter.

 Not until 1/10/08 did we get a real cook top. Mary Fran was cooking on the camp stove and the grill however, We still have no oven. She wants to start a new cooking show "With Out An oven". She actually baked cookies for Nikoli's school bake sale on the grill. She states "just add a few fire bricks and you have an oven". She has been able to utilize the grill and crock pots for all of our meals. We still order out very little.

The Orginal Cook top

1/10/2008 WE GOT AN UPGRADE Look New Cook top




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