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Framing Photos


Removal of the old stairs.

Now, What is behind the wall???

Is Jimmy Hoffa in there?



New Skylights

Such a good roof, it's hard to think about cutting it

No Nikoli, not a pool!

Finished and working


New Door



Time to start installing the new door to the garage

Good use for an AXE


4/29/2009 Installing the second set

Dropped in the second set of stairs

Second hole cut

No job complete with out the sawsall

4/13/2009 Start putting in the new stairs. I got the stairs from Recycle North for only $100. There is more than that in wood.

First cut in the floor

Thersealing the basement wall

Time to break in to the garage

We made it through

The first set of stairs

12/3-6/2007 The Hall and Archway

Mark Spent too much time in the attic wiring

Man those nails hurt

Peter Aligns the openings for the skylights with the sun

The Arch Layout on the floor

Looks good but I think I will hire a sheet rocker to finish

11/2/2007 The Second Rip out of the Hall and closets

I love to find empty spaces between closets

A full 3 sq feet lost between closets

Enough room for 2

Quinn's second closet and front closet removed

9/3/2007 The Strapping Installed

8/18/2007 The Sistering up of the rafters

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