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    6/1/2009 Check out the new Update Blog

So Here are the plans Thus Far

Purchased on June 25 2007. We hope to have the main "Great room" Kitchen/dining/Living room, finished by June 25, 2008.

(ha ha ha...only 5 years behind schedule as of 0919/2013)

I am doing most of the work myself with the help from a friend, Peter Hayden.

The Plans

The Idea

Click on the links below to view documents in Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader, click the icon to download a free copy.


bulletThe Original Floor plan
bulletThe Current Remodeling Floor Plan
bulletBasement Plan

The main idea is to open up the small rooms and have one big common room and move the stairs out of the center of the Kitchen. We also decided to open up the hall to better connect it to the main part of the house. This allowed us to have a shelf around the hall above the bedrooms and Bath. Now I have a place to put the train!

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